Residential Inquiries Contact Information


Toll Free: (877) 253-7709

Fax: (877) 807-2021



MAM is required to respond to all resident concerns, except as provided in HUD guidelines.  Specifically, our office is directed to refrain from involvement in:



•  Disputes involving third parties


•  Lawsuits involving residents and owners and/or management agents


•  Eviction matters


•  Interpretations of local laws and ordinances



Residents are encouraged to present their issues, concerns and problems to on-site management first and then, to follow any grievance procedure developed by the property before contacting our office, in order to allow management an opportunity to respond to their concerns.


When resident inquiries are received, our staff will contact the owner/management agent and/or on-site management, as appropriate, with the resident’s concerns.  Our staff will provide the resident with all updates received from the owner/management agent and/or on-site management until the concerns are resolved.

Additional Information


MAM is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Du & Associates, Inc.