As Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment contracts expire, owners must apply for contract renewals to continue receiving monthly voucher payments from HUD. MAM works with owners and management agents to help renew these contracts.


Contract renewal requests are due 120 days prior to the contract expiration date. Owners and Management Agents are also reminded that HUD requires that a one-year written notification be given to tenants and HUD of the contract’s termination or expiration. No action can be taken by MAM without this renewal request. Any delays in submitting this renewal package may result in an interruption of subsidy to the project.


Renewal Options


The following renewal options are available:


Option One – Mark Up to Market Procedures

Option Two – Contract Renewals for Other Projects with Current Rents At or Below Comparable Market Rents

Option Three – Referral to OAHP

Option Four – Renewal of Projects Exempted from OAHP

Option Five – Renewal of Portfolio Re-engineering Demonstration or Preservation Projects

Option Six – Opt-Outs





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