Option Five – Renewal of Portfolio Reengineering Demonstration or Preservation Projects





This option is for projects that entered into long-term Use Agreements under their respective programs. Owners can receive a multi-year contract not to exceed the lesser of 20 years or the remaining term of the recorded Use Agreement.


Eligibility Criteria


·   Preservation Projects primarily consist of Section 236 and 221d3 BMIR projects whose Owners entered into long-term Use Agreements with HUD under the Preservation Program.


·   Portfolio Re-engineering Demonstration (“Demo”) Program Project is a project that completed the Demo Program, as evidenced by a recorded Demo Program Use Agreement. If the Owner entered into the Demo Program but did not execute and record a Demo Program Use Agreement, it is not eligible for renewal under Option Five.


HUD Guidance


For complete guidance and information regarding Option Five please read Chapter 7 of the Section 8 Renewal Policy  guidebook.



Submission Requirements


·   Contract Renewal Request Form (Instructions)

·   One Year Tenant Notification Letter

·   OCAF Rent Adjustment Worksheet - HUD Form 9625 (PDF) (Excel) (Word) (Instructions)

·   Budget Based Rent Adjustment (if applicable)

·   Utility Allowance Analysis (if applicable)




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